Easy to understand pricing

Lantern pricing is transparent and easy. Estimate your costs by specifying the number of vectors in your application

Lantern's database bill was 10x lower than Pinecone, it's hard not to switch ...

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Database Instance Configuration

Number of vector embeddings

1M embeddings


Embedding generation + index construction


Instance costs



Storage for embeddings

$30 / mo

Excluding embedding generation and index construction costs

Assumes OpenAI Ada 2 embeddings, exact costs vary based on embedding models utilized


Save 20x-30x on cloud costs over competing vector databases

Customers switch to Lantern to avoid outrageous cloud costs generated by vector database competitors. Tap into industry leading performance for a fraction of the price

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1 billion embeddings



Milvus logo

1 billion embeddings



1 billion embeddings



Assumes 1536 dimensional vectors and analogous price performance options like Pinecone's P2 performance-optimized and Milvus Enterprise metrics based on publicly available data for 100M embeddings (~$36,000/mo)