Migrate from Pinecone to Lantern Cloud

This guide assumes that you are using Pinecone, and that you want to use Lantern Cloud instead.


  1. Create a Lantern Cloud database

    Sign up for Lantern Cloud and create a database. Obtain a database URL. We'll call this LANTERN_DATABASE_URL.

  2. Install the lantern-pinecone client

    The most straightforward way to migrate from Pinecone to Lantern Cloud is by using the lantern-pinecone Python client. Even if you don't want to use lantern-pinecone as your primary data client, you can use it to migrate the data and then interact with your data using another data client.


    pip install lantern-pinecone
  3. Initialize client and migrate

    Next, we will initialize the Lantern client.


    import lantern_pinecone
    LANTERN_DATABASE_URL = "<your_lantern_database_url>"

    For optimal performance, provide a list of pinecone_ids to the client. Otherwise, the client will use a workaround to query the Pinecone API to retrieve the IDs. For more details, see [1] [2].

    In the example below, we assume that the Pinecone has vectors with sequential ids from 0 to 1000.


    pinecone_ids = list(map(lambda x: str(x), range(1000)))
    index = lantern_pinecone.create_from_pinecone(

    See the documentation for more details on the lantern-pinecone client.

  4. Final steps

    After this step the data will be copied to your database under a table with the same name as your <pinecone_index_name> with HNSW index on embedding column and GIN index on the metadata column

    You can view index stats using




To read more about the lantern-pinecone client, check out the Github repo.

Reach out to support@lantern.dev for any questions or assistance with migrations. We're happy to help.